High-Resolution Aerial Photography - 36 Megapixels

Cad-Capture’s high-resolution aerial photography service is becoming ever more popular within the public sector, as authorities look to introduce innovative new approaches to property management that show significant cost savings whilst maintaining or improving standards.

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Property - North East Region Primary School

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Property - North East Region College

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Roof & Site Condition Indication

Providing a minimum of 25 images per building and site, from various angles and using the highest quality equipment available, our service offers a complete and detailed overview of your property roofs. Each block can be captured in one ultra-high resolution digital photographic image, whilst in order to ensure the maximum amount of detail can be obtained for larger areas, closer shots of individual roof sections are also included.

Initial overview condition surveys can then be conducted quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively from the desktop, saving on unnecessary site visits and allowing resource to be targeted and managed to maximum effect.

The quality and detail of the images captured routinely allows for a better assessment than the standard 3m ladder survey, whilst health & safety and access issues are eliminated completely. Additionally, the potential for inconsistency of judgement in grading is also minimised given to the speed and ease of process allowing for single surveyor assessment.

Having such a detailed and permanent photographic record affords the comfort of being able to revisit and review the images and judgements made at any time, without the need to carry out further surveys. On occasions where surveyors are required on site to carry out detailed investigation of specific issues, your images can aid staff in pre-assessment prior to their visit, further streamlining the surveying process.

Naturally, your photo-set can also be used equally effectively to assess the condition and coverage of external ground areas, including the likes of pathways, playgrounds, car parks, recreation areas and playing fields.

Additional Services & Benefits

Combined with Cad-Capture’s unrivalled CAD expertise, your aerial images can also provide the reference point from which we can produce accurately scaled, up-to-date site maps based on Ordnance Survey data. These flexible data-rich plans offer a range of site area interrogation features that can help with requirements ranging from grounds maintenance contracting through to educational sports area calculations. Our intelligent CAD output is compatible with all of the major Asset & Facilities Management systems, meaning that the important core data within the drawings can be synchronised with your database too!

Additional information and examples of this service can be found further down the page.

Other services available include Aerial HD Videoing and Thermal Building Surveys, so whether you want a site flyover or a full overview of heat-loss hotspots, we have a solution to fit any need.

Summary of Benefits

  • 25 Images per site minimum, 36 Megapixel for incredible detail
  • Provides a highly cost effective way to carry out initial roof grade assessments
  • Allows for far better assessment of traditionally difficult or inaccessible areas, eradicating guesswork and improving quality
  • Reduces the number of roofs requiring manned surveys, allowing resource to be targeted for maximum effect and efficiency
  • Reduces inconsistencies in interpretation of data
  • Reduces costs for inspections staff, travel and safety equipment
  • Minimises Health & Safety issues.
  • Offers a permanent, high quality, photographic record that can be used to support decisions and for various other referencing purposes

Cost & Contact

Cad-Capture can provide a full set of photographs for your properties, of the quality demonstrated in the example images… 

from just £450.00 +VAT per site

*prices vary based on the number and location of properties to be photographed

To discuss your requirements, request more information, or perhaps just have an informal chat about our service and client experiences, you can contact us on:

t: 01254 504455          e: sales@cadcap.co.uk

Or, if you would prefer, why not use our simple quotation request form below to submit your property details and we will get right back to you with an indicative cost – straightforward, no hassle!

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Intelligent Site & Block Plans

Using your new comprehensive image set as the base, Cad-Capture is able to further enhance your data interrogation capabilities by creating intelligent-CAD site maps of your land and building block outlines.

Taking the relevant Ordnance Survey grid as the starting canvas, your new and completely up-to-date aerial imagery is then scaled and overlaid in order to produce a truly representative and accurate plan of your site.

Boundary polygons and attribute blocks are attached to all buildings and ground areas on site (fields, playgrounds, car parks etc) and an area schedule chart is created within the drawings that provides a full breakdown of each individual area. All areas on site are referenced based on their usage and construction material, for example; Playground – Tarmac, Social Recreation Area – Grass, MUGA (multi-use games area) – Astro Turf etc.

This allows users a quick and easy reference point to look-up vital information such as TSA (total site area), individual area breakdowns for maintenance purposes (i.e fields), and in the case of educational establishments, core data on areas applicable to additional sports funding.

As well as the data being displayed within the drawing border and individual area attribute blocks, the drawings are designed to be compatible for synchronisation with all of the major Asset Management Database systems and further allow for direct spreadsheet data extraction that can be tailored to any format.

This service is currently being used on a wide scale as part of the EFA (Education Funding Agency) nationwide Property Data Survey Programme, providing surveyors with vital information ranging from accurate site layouts and block references, to individual block GEAs and site area breakdowns. Being armed with this information ahead of site visits allows for more precise scheduling and hugely increased efficiency in processing and reporting key data that is integral to the project. The system has been identified as both lowering costs and increasing data quality substantially. This success is set to see this methodology rolled out into other survey areas in the near future.